Council 2020/2021

Chairman – Caroline Plant

Secretary – Ruth Murphy

Treasurer – Chas Pell

Membership Secretary and Newsletter Editor – Sharon Bleach

Council Members

Alison Gordon

Annabel Sommerfelt

Neil Mumford

Meet the Council Members

Caroline Plant – Chairman

“My Mum enthused when I was little that our garden in New Zealand where we then  lived grew all sorts of exotics as well as English favourites. I was found to have very poor eyesight and given glasses around the same time. My eyes were literally opened to the beauty of nature, rather than just seeing a green blur. My garden is not a conscious attempt to recreate that happy time, but i really enjoy the likes of camellias and acers with anything interesting and unusual thrown into the mix in tropical profusion.”

Chas Pell – Treasurer

I have enjoyed growing vegetables for our family for almost 30 years; initially squeezing it in between running a business with my wife and raising two wonderful sons. Moving to Frensham in 2014, we took on a sad and neglected garden as a project, so we joined the Horticultural Society. My focus remains growing fruit and veg for our dinner table but sometimes I have something to enter in the Autumn Show.

Ruth Murphy – Secretary and Show Secretary

Plants are my passion! Having attained a degree in Horticulture and Garden Design, I continue to draw on that knowledge and experience to create a beautifulgarden for my family here in Frensham. Having moved here in 2015, it is still very much ‘work in progress’ and I’m always provisioning to support wildlife for the good health of the garden.  My much thumbed copy of William Robinson’s seminal work The Wild Garden is a constant source of inspiration, along with Beth Chatto and Gertrude Jekyll.

Sharon Bleach, Membership Secretary and Newsletter Editor

I can still remember the first flower I grew – a double marigold, when I was 4 years old. Since then I have always loved flowers and gardening. Having now retired, I am able to indulge myself with far more time in the garden and trying to grow different things.  As we have sandy soil (or should that be pure sand) here and have always gardened on clay before this is proving far more of a challenge than I had imagined! My aim is to have sufficient flowers and shrubs to have displays indoors all year round. Not quite there yet, but there is always next year of course.

The FDHS has been a great way of meeting and socialising with lovely people in the area and learning from many of them what has worked (or not) in their gardens.

Alison Gordon

I get great pleasure from gardening and have looked after gardens in many areas of the UK. My favourite would have to be one in which I had open views across gorse and broom leading on to heather covered slopes with Scots pines on the horizon. Fortunately I moved to Frensham before the inevitable  happened and houses were built.

Neil Mumford

I moved to the village, 8 years ago with my wife Sharon and we are already on our third house and garden! My main passion is growing vegetables and fruit, organically without the need, to use pesticides and I constantly look to push the boundaries by growing new varieties. I joined the society and more recently, the Committee, because I  have a thirst for continually  learning more about horticulture from my own experiences and my peers, and sharing that knowledge with future generations.