The Society holds two shows each year one in the Spring to take advantage of the beautiful spring flowers and shrubs grown in local gardeners and one in the Autumn which – when the weather is within normal limits! –  demonstrates the vegetable – growing skills of local gardeners.

To be able to take advantage of entering most of the classes you do need to be a member of the society. However there are always a number of ‘Open Classes’ that non-members can enter. The Open classes are also junior classes for the 15 years old and under. Open classes are well suited to people who aren’t quite sure that Horticultural Shows are for them but just want to have a go to find out what it is like.

The standard of entries in the Shows ranges from novice to experienced gardeners. We encourage as many members to enter as possible. Some people worry that their entry will not be ‘good enough’ but no matter how shrinking your violet may be the judges will always be encouraging and helpful. They and the Society want you to enter and you will be given encouragement not criticism.

The shows are held in the Marindin Hall on the A287 in Frensham and the doors are open to the public at 2.30 to view the entries and to enjoy a wide selection of homemade cakes, tea, coffee and cold drinks. The prizes are awarded at 3.45pm.


Details of the Spring Show here

Details of the Autumn Show here



The Banksian Medal will be awarded to the person with the highest number of points in the whole of the horticultural classes from the Spring and Autumn Shows. Points for non-horticultural classes, i.e. Home Industries, Photography and Floral Arrangement classes are not included. Any competitor who has won the Banksian Medal in the last two years is not eligible to win this medal.

The Banksian Medal and the Anniversary Cup will be awarded at the President’s Supper.