Virtual Spring Show 2020

In celebration of the arrival of Spring and our gardening skills, here is our first online Spring Show for everybody – members and the general public alike – to enjoy the 160 or so photos of flowers and veg which have been sent in from members and non members.  Some entries have been sent in from as far away as London, Devon, and even Australia, Canada and the USA.

Thank you for all your efforts and we hope you enjoy our panoply of plants!

The headings below will take you to each of the galleries and if you click on a photo thumbnail, you can scroll through the photos at a much larger scale.

Floral Arrangements

Flowers, Shrubs and Potted Plants Classes 5 – 16

Flowers, Shrubs and Potted Plants Classes 17 – 33


For obvious reasons we did not hold the Spring Show in situ as the throng of people in the Marindin Hall would be against Government advice; but we have the technology – and the hard work of a few of our team – to make it all happen.

Thank you to all who have taken part.

Caroline Plant